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Act of Aggression – Codex- Update v543 Torrent Download

Act of Aggression – Codex- Update v543 Torrent Download


– CIWS bullets don’t impact the ground when they intercept air missiles
– AMOSmortars don’t slow down framerate anymore


– Adding the time spent playing the campaign in the stats.
– Observers can now see all ressources on the field.
– Languages can now be chosen from the gameplay options
– FX improvements.


    Update v534:


    – All achievements unlocked since beta & release restored. They were not lost, just not displayed anymore.
    – Most campaign game saves from v.515 will now work again with this version. However, we know of some rare case where they have been corrupted beyond saving. We apologize for that.
    – Fixing a bug allowing to assign enemy units to a group and therefore focus your camera on their position (even with FoW).
    – Fixing a bug sometime occurring when unloading units from a transport (especially helicopters).
    – Fixing a display bug removing city blocks when one was placing a building to be constructed near them.
    – Two-man infantry teams (Shershen & Grenadier) occupying a bank now properly count as two men to earn $. Until now, the two of them occupied two places but only earn $ as one unit.
    – Fixing a crash occurring during cutscenes in solo mission “Highway to Serbia”.
    – Fixing a bug occurring in solo mission “Highway to Serbia”, where destroyed buildings were disappearing.


    – Fixing the position of resources fields on Aggressive Negotiations
    – Fixing the position of resources fields on Patriot Act
    – Improving the weapon information panel: bullets’ damages are now displayed.


    US :

    – Increasing the Humvee’s hit points from 5 to 8.
    – Decreasing the Humvee’s price from 500 to 400$.
    – Decreasing the Humvee’s GAU-19 upgrade from 500 to 250$.
    – Decreasing the Humvee’s Mk.19 upgrade from 500 to 350$.
    – Decreasing the Humvee’s TOW-2 upgrade from 500 to 450$.
    – Increasing the Humvee’s acceleration & decreasing its about face time. Humvee won’t go faster, but be much more reactive.
    – Decreasing the Humvee’s Mk.19 grenade-launcher’s time between salvos from 8 to 5s.
    – Increasing the Humvee’s Mk.19 grenade-launcher’s accuracy.

    Update v521:

    FIXES :

    Fixing resources fields’ positions on « Patriot Act » map.
    Fixing a bug on “Guardian Rift” map, where a building couldn’t be occupied.
    Fixing the Ninja Move&Attack behavior. It now stops to engage enemy aircraft.
    Fixing some hint texts + some French (wrongfully) localized names.
    The Home button’s keyboard shortcut was changed from R (which was in conflict with Defcon 1’s shortcut) to … Home key.
    Fixing a case where a district could show unit icons with wrong team colors.
    Fixing feedback on harvesters & improving their AI in auto mode. They are now correctly reassigned when using the auto-assign order
    Ranking 1v1 renamed Rankings only, for it takes both 1v1 & 2v2 into accounts.
    Punishers do not damage themselves anymore, when firing at helicopters from a building.
    Enemy players can’t see the Cartel’s Life Insurance feedback anymore.
    Fixing a display bug on the Contractor’s “Seize” button.
    Aluminum symbol now correctly displays during debriefing.
    Planes now correctly apply orders given from the orders panel.
    Fixing a bug preventing a player to leave a lobby once the launch countdown had started.


    Escape button now pauses camera movements too.
    Fixing script problems preventing some players to finish “American Civil War” & “Mexican Stand-Off”. Beware: the save files might be corrupted.


    Generic :
    Building capture time set at 12s for all infantry units able to capture.

    Sentinel turret’s Gatling may now engage buildings, vehicles & armors, but damage against infantry is decreased.
    Engineer Field Kit upgrade now requires SWORD Protocol.
    Engineer Field Kit’s price increased from 250 to 500 alu. Price in $ unchanged.

    US :
    Excalibur Shells upgrade no longer increase the NLOS’ dispersal.

    Update v515:



    – Fixing camera movements in mission #”When the Wolves Howl”
    – Fixing allied units movements in mission #”The Train Job”
    – Fixing IA behaviors in missions “The Train Job” and “Into the Chimera’s Lair”
    – Fixing a crash when player is attacking an IA base in mission “Into the Chimera’s Lair”


    – Contractors now have the “Seize” button which allows to capture buildings
    – In ranked games, two opponents cannot have the same color anymore
    – Banks now display their income feedback correctly


    – Fixing a crash occurring at the end of a 2v2 ranked game


    Act of Aggression – Codex- Update v543
    Release Date : 09/2015 Protection : Steam
    Discs : 1 Genre : Strategy
    Size:805 MB




    – Extract
    – Run setup.exe and install update
    – Copy crack from CODEX dir to installdir
    – Play

    This patch requires:


    – Block the game’s exe in your firewall to prevent the game from
    trying to go online ..
    – If you install games to your systemdrive, it may be necessary
    to run this game with admin privileges instead


    Act of Aggression – Codex- Update v543 Torrent Download

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